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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The latest rumours

Jamal Magloire - who's afraid of a guy who wears tights and his name ain't Superman. Well this guy had better not think it's okay to wear these things outside of Milwaukee. Sure when a 7 foot white from Aussie land is wearing them, anybody looks good in these things. Or at least you notice that it's only on the big white fellas that it really stands out.

All that aside watching Magloire this year reminded me that I'm getting old and so is Jamal. He was never great, never will be. He's a more than serviceable big, but do we need him and his $8 million beans?

TJ Ford - the player also mentioned in the deal. I think his injuries are bad luck. This kid could be a star one day, but for now he would just be a very solid point guard. He can shoot the lights out when he's close enough, and has the game of a PG. I'd be shocked if the Bucks give him up to swap picks and land Charles Smooth (V).

Charlie V - the 48 pt game single handedly vaulted his trade value to 'big upside' vs. simply 'one year with a grudge'. Admittedly the man did drop 48, mostly on outside shooting. A feat you hate to ignore but one you should capitalize on.

This deal seems wildly unlikely for the Bucks to pull, pending who else we'd have to give up to make the salaries work. Maybe Alvin Williams or Zo. Zo....damn you Zo. Damn you.


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