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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ESPN Hollinger Blasts TJ Ford deal....

In his latest losers article ESPN's John Hollinger blasts the Raptors for swapping Charlie V for TJ Ford. Blasts them.

"Ford's inability to shoot makes it easy to defend him in pick-and-roll situations and encourages opponents to play zones -- especially since the Raptors don't have a Michael Redd to keep opponents honest. And on defense, his 5-10 frame (or 6-0, if you believe the official listing) makes him ripe for abuse by all but the smallest opposing point guards"

The article further rips Ford's potential, his new high salary demands and talks up Charlie's V's potential.

There ain't doubt that Charlie V has potential, but there certainly is doubt about his future All Start calibre, his ability to ever defend other small forwards, pushing him to the 4 spot and his general committment. Maybe Charlie V has some magic, maybe his chip can carry him until that big plush contract. And I love how he talks about the 48 point game.

One thing you have to know about Raptor land is that everyone's stats are inflated, minus the big fella's. Mike James has carte blanche and so did Chucky V when he hoisted 29 shots up against the Bucks en route to 48 points. And talking about Ford to 'replace' Mike James? Mike James is a small 2 guard, stuck at the one, much too often. Ford and James could play side by side (of course they won't) but Ford is certainly no replacement. A fast paced pass first point guard vs. a dribble 22 seconds off the clock, hoist up a 27 footer and do it again man in Mike James. Hey....god bless Mike James and his heart, but TJ and him are as comparable as Leo and Chuck.

T.J. will be an all-star in this league, and that is why Colangelo pulled the trigger. Charlie V will progress more slowly now that he's 'established' himself and in the end Toronto will come out on top.


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