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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Sports Guy lambastes TJ / Charlie V trade

You have to love The Sports Guy. Not 'love', but you gotta love what he writes....especially when it comes to hoops. This guy has more useless hoops trivia engraved in his tete than most people could find on the net. And that quite clearly is saying something.

What disturbs me about his latest rant off about the TJ / Charlie trade is that he's very often right. Not normally a writer to sit on the fence and in this case he went so hard on the pillaging that happened in Toronto, he made me feel like Isiah for a moment. Why would I keep defending this trade? Why do I defend Nasho and his huge contract. Well i've addressed both. I have nothing new to add other than that I hope he is wrong. He's been wrong before.

I still say Charlie V isn't that good. I have to. We have to. And let him prove us wrong. Hopefully TJ is reading all of these bashings and will be out to prove everyone wrong, we can inflate his value and keep trading up. Charlie V is a red paperclip and we are trying to use that starting point to trade ourselves up to a championship....slowly.

p.s. if I have to link you to the Sports Guy then you probably should just go away., don't, you're the only person reading this.


At 1:00 PM, Blogger MUPO said...

You have to see the bigger picture here War, Coangleo is deliberatly making the team worse so they can win the lotery again for the 2007 draft year and get... Greg Oden! The next dominant center in the NBA.


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