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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grizz vs. Raps preview?

A Preview?
As you know I’m not a ‘preview’ type of writer, especially for an upcoming game vs. Memphis. But when a guy named Chip Crain emails you from Memphis HQ to pass along his assessment of the game and tell you why he is famous…you are almost forced to reply.

Chip Crain. What a name. I was so sure this must be stolen from a movie I Googled him…but it’s just him. Famous old Chip Crain. (note: don't be confused with Charles Kane, Beverly Hills Gun Club...that name pales in comparison).

So, Chip Crain, here is that link to your preview for our Raps faithful as well as a few nuggets of protest and observation.

Raps Overview
We won’t take offence to Chip Crain not knowing we are 7-7, much like he won’t mind seeing a ‘c’ in the word offence.

Really, you still go by the name Grizzlies? I mean I won’t lie, I enjoy the images of Big Country that the name conjures up, but how did that happen? It wasn’t exactly the Lakers who were moving here, we’re talking about a perennial loser. Does Chip Crain have the answer….time will tell.

(note: Check out the home made "BC 50" arm band!)

Point Guard: Former Raptor vs. Three Fingers

Mighty Mouse! You sure bring back some good memories little buddy. But the sun is setting on the Little Cheese and Calderone (our backup PG) is on the rise. And not in a Kyle Lowry kind of way, but in a 9 assists, low turnover, hit big shots, floor general kind of way. Too bad he may be playing somewhere else next year.

Power Forward: How does Chip Crain not know that our starting Power Forward is Chris Bosh? I feel like that must be in there just as a tester for us. It’s possible he was simply confused because Bargnani is redefining the location of the centre position, foregoing the traditional ‘rebounding’ role and taking up shop 29 feet from the rim. Fair enough, we’ll give you a pass on this one (FYI - Nani, Nesterovic and even Baston fill in at centre).

Benches: Chip claims we don’t have toughness off the bench. But compared to what? We just don’t have much toughness period, not really our game. But the bench is not our problem. The fact that we still don’t have a starting lineup…well that’s a problem. Our lineup du jour features Moon as a starter but you should recognize this is Mitchell’s annual starters try-out camp which runs until early December. So stay tuned….the real Raptors lineup will be sorted out soon and you will see a very deep team on the rise.

Chip Crain vs. Me: The Big Interviews
Well Chip Crain is famous for his interview with Grizz GM Chris Wallace. I couldn't actually track it down, but could it be as good as my interview with Joey Graham (scroll way down)? I mean the guy refered to himself in the third person while the VIP made him completely ride it!? Then Uros Slokar basically said...well i stll can't say it. But needless to say those interviews did nothing for my fame. So the fame edge goes to Chip Crain but I'll take me and the Raptors 1 on 1 at a party anyday.

Chip, if you haven't read about the Garbo behind the scenes information check out a few posts ago. We shared the Spanish NBA connection after all. But 'news' that the Raptors doctors think Garbo needs surgery isn't exactly 'news'. It's a nice reminder that his Spanish insurance policy comes up soon and they are back to their pre-worlds stance that he have surgery...but this joke is getting worse by the minute. What a total waste of our glue stick for the past 6 months. Hurry up and make him have the damn surgery and stop pretending it's anything other than what it has been for 6 months, which is a colosal mis-managed situation!

Chip, thanks for the preview. I wish Memphis all the luck over there in West hell, you'll need it. As for us, we'll be picking up steam soon as we battle to our 50 win goal and a shot at round 2 or 3 of the playoffs this year. And yes, we will be giving you a spanking tomorrow night to end that 2 game win streak.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger ChipC3 said...

First off you can call me Chip and I never said I was famous. I said you can find out who we were from the ESPN mention on the Toronto preview page.

I assumed Chris Bosh was playing PF since he was named that way on the All-Star ballot. Besides, it is more fun to compare Bosh and Gasol anyway. Bottom line is I don't get paid for this so I get to write what I like!

As for the Grizzlies name, how many raptors are roaming around your backyard anyway? Hell the college is called the Tigers here and Grizzlies are one hell of a lot closer to Memphis than Tigers are (Or Raptors are to you).

Now for the real issue. There is no way we go 0-11 from three point range again and if Toronto doesn't hit their long range shots they will have trouble matching the inside-outside combination and the Grizzlies are feasting on the Eastern Conference right now (always a nice way to get a team's season turned around). Don't know if the Grizzlies can win two straight road games in two days but this game should be much more enhoyable to watch.

I only hope the Raptors are taking Memphis for granted the way their bloggers are!!!

Good luck Warren.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger WG said...

Chip - You are famous. Stop it. If ESPN start talking about me, I'm famous too.

Bosh is playing PF. You've got it. But your blog said C. No worries, what's the diff these days anyways?

Raptors? Clearly you've never been to Toronto. Penguins, Polar Bears and the occasional Raptor are all part of our natural habitat. That's why Isiah left.

Serious stuff: The Raptors right now can lose to anybody at anytime on any court. I'm hopeful they aren't looking ahead to the Cavs game and like the Grizz we are going to be launching bombs....may the best shooters win....

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Hector said...

Who needs bench toughness when you have a 6-8 Moon on your team??? Go Raptors!


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