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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

West Coast Rising: Durant and Oden won't be in our way

It's nice to know that Lebron, Wade, the emerging Bulls and the aging Pistons will continue to be the primary obstacles for Raptors supremecy. While it's slightly annoying that the West Coast continues to get better really who cares? If Oden and Durant turn out to be the next two big things i'm more than happy to pick them up for my fantasy team and enjoy their play on late night west coast NBA t.v.

Did the Celtics ever get screwed though!
Beautiful news for us. The Celtics will be picking 5th and the Hawks almost slipped into that #2 seat which also would have been a tragedy. The hawks have loads of young talent, but adding a Durant to their squad would have enabled them to make some trades for more stable pieces and be an immediate threat. Instead they'll be adding a Corey Brewer type. Phewf.

Phoenix gets screwed too! It's easy to hope for Phoenix with their high octane game and Steve Nash leadership but did they really need a top 5 pick? They had the Hawks pick only if it didn't fall in the top 3....and it was #3. So Nash and co. who thought they might get a huge asset in the early first round are left with two later picks. Things are really starting to go wrong for Phoenix this month. Ouch.

No More Posts?
Posts will be fewer and farther between. I now have to post for FAT CAMP. I joined up to get a free personal trainer and motivate myself to get into shape. So I also have to post on my progress. There's not much hoops talk but certainly some rambling.

Enjoy...the end of Whopper Warren may be near.....


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