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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

All Star Voting: Easier than Cow Tipping

Greetings and a happy 2008 to all. My hiatus in Rio and Buenos Aires was as predicted, a rollicking good time, and I came back to an equally predictable Raptors .500 fest. I did get to see the sweet San Antonio spanking and no, I don't care that Barry and Manu were missing. It still counts, especially in S.A.

On to bigger Matters: Cow Tipping
At and now all across our fine Internet you can find a little home made video of Bosh petitioning for All-Star votes, a la Texan salesman. Fantastic. The video itself is surpsingly not painful, and innocently funny enough, especially for CB4, his best acting yet. But in this day and age (i.e. Yao Ming will be on the team till he retires) If the media won't give you the coverage, and your supporting country is too small to vote you in, then take it to the hole strong.

Vote here, and vote often:

Bosh goes all Boss Hogg on you and you have to admire his gusto. Next year half the guys in the league will be doing this, and then they'll start to get really funny for a year or two, and then the NBA will panick that it ruins the 'integrity of the game' (a great joke in itself) and then they'll ban self promotion so fans will start to make the videos, which will be even better. You can set your watch by this. It's happening. (In fact, we could fast track this entire plan by making some videos next year....).

I mean, just how random is voting anyways.....

My East All-Stars

osh: He's an all-star and a Raptor
Nani: He's a Raptor and a future all-star
Parker: He's a Raptor and a shoe in in Tel-Aviv (where are the write in votes?)
Ford: He's a Raptor, was playing all-staresque till injury and looks like Tiger Woods, who is definitely an all-star
Howard: He's insane

My West All-Stars

: He's on my fantasy team and needed a confidence boost
Duncan: I don't like the guys lack of personality or how they refer to him as an "International" player. He's the least international, International guy in the league. I mean the U.S. took over the damn Island in 1917, they all have U.S. citizenship and it's called the U.S. Virgin Islands. Then again, I'm not sure Parker and Manu are really THAT great.
Bryant: Wearing spandex under the short shorts almost cost him my vote...but damnit, that's Kobe Bryant.
Nash: A Candian All-Star
: A former Raptor we would have loved the past 5 years.

So there it is, voting is no science. It's not the best players, it's the most popular players, the home team players, the rando players and the Vince Carters who somehow hang onto what should be long lost fame. For God's sake, let's write in Jose! (I'm voting again tomorrow).

So Vote now. Vote often (or once a day). As Bosh has told me, It's easier than cow tipping.


At 6:51 AM, Blogger Carter said...

That Bosh vid is pretty embarrassing. He's not going to win over Garnett and Lebron, but he's still going hands down.

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't argue this video makes me grimace but Bosh doesn't act like he's embarrased which makes me not embarrased.

It's definitely not good...but for me it wasn't painful, which is step 1. Next year he better invite T.J., Jose and our other contenders to the video though....

At 2:50 PM, Blogger coach said...

you are too homer.i'm not even sure if bosh deserves to be an all star . not after his performance last night vs. the pistons!


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