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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Toronto's All-Stars: A Legend in the Making (not who you think)

I'm going to lay it down right now. Bosh said coming into the year he wanted to average 12 rebounds. Tonight he averaged 1.

That is straight up wrong. So wrong it got me thinking 'how bad is that for a guy who wants to be a dominant power forward and an all-star?' Well a quick scroll through Tim Duncan's game logs should help ease my rebound game, hmmm...2007/08 (nope)...2006/07 (nope)...2005/06 (nope)... 2004/05 (eureka!). Duncan nabbed 1 rebound in a 110-101 loss to Detroit!
Game note: Duncan logged 2 minutes that game.

Here's the point, if it needs to be made, Bosh has to wax and shimmy that glass each and every night. There are no nights off for the Tim Duncan's of the world. None.
Wax. Shimmy. Shine. Repeat.

While we won the game, I think we've shown this encounter as an example of what not to do.

Meanwhile in true All-Starville resides our main man Jose Calderone. I've ranted about his Assist to TO ratio but J. Hollinger bested me once more with his damn stat machine and some crazy thing he came up with called the "Pure Point Rating Leader". Which I like.

Two reasons. One the name suggests it's pure and true baby. That it weeds out the stuff you don't see. Secondly Calderone would be the all-time Assist to TO leader if the season ended today....beating out the legendary Mugsy Bogues. On the other hand it's Nash and C Paul who are right behind Jose in the PPR Leader category.
(I'm confident Hollinger was about to talk Ass/TO ratio and like me looked up all-time leaders only to find he needed to invent a better stat in case someone said 'who's the all-time best'?).

In his article you'll find a nice little piece about Jose, especially the "Vince Carter is eating his dust" bit. Way to suck up to Canadian readers JH. We'll take it.

Rookie Land / Dunk Content - A true legend....Toronto wise
The legend of Moon is about to go full in Toronto and not because he'll be our second straight old timer rookie at the game (oh Garbo where have you gone). And not because he's a top 3 player on our team. But because he's about to become the first Raptor to win the Dunk contest since Vince Carter. Yup. You read it here first. Moon played for the Harlem Globetrotters. You think he might have worked on a dunk or two? Moon has the smile, the creativity and is gaining the confidence. The stuff he's doing is games is nothing. Repeat: nothing.

Moon wins the dunk contest. One more notch in Vince Carter's Raptor post is removed. And a legend is born.

(you tube video working sporadically...but if you haven't seen Moon dunk you likely aren't reading this blog)


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Hi there,

Could I get some comment from you please

At 4:30 AM, Blogger Carter said...

I hope Calderon makes the All Star game. Right now he's really holding this team together, and putting up All Star numbers, no question about it. It'd be kinda sad, though, since being an All Star was T.J.'s dream this year LOL


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