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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Head Butts

I don't watch much soccer or ever really write about it....but I do like to write about head butts, and wow did Zizou (France's best soccer player...of all time, who came out of retirement for one last World Cup) ever deliver one!

I love this game that came out about 10 hours later (maneuvre around and head butt the guy with Zidane).

You can't ever really defend a guy who blows it for your country like this and can blame him for losing. When your best (or at least leader) gets ejected for being hot tempered with 10 minutes to go in the biggest game of your life....yes you can blame him. It was his responsibility to lead them and stay in the game, pointe finale.

Had his header gone in just minutes before he might have gone down as one of the legends of all-time and now, well now he'll go down as a legendary head butter who was one of the best of all-time.


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