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Monday, July 24, 2006

Slamma Jamma Jones

Fred Jones is in. $14 million dollars is out. The Salmon is swimming up another river and the Raps have a little room to shimmy. Shimmy into the Euro Playoff MVP? And a little something else next year or later this year.

Clearly I was never big on the Salmon but all the rumour that it was part of something big makes you wonder....made you wonder. Iverson? Garnett? O'Neal? No. Maybe. But let's just be thankful nothing stupid happened.

Now we have a former slam dunk champion....for whatever that is worth. Hopefully just something you hear at the end of Fred's drives. But can he play D? Is he big enough? Can he shoot better? So many questions....but only 11 million reasons to care. I'll take it.

You gotta hand it to BCO though, he's right on it. One deal falls through and the guys got two guys on ready five, ready to launch. His assistant says "It'll be 5 minutes before I can get Jones' agent online". "Bullshit, this thing will be over in 2!"

A quick call. We always wanted you. Sweet.

Advantage: Raptors


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