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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

0 for Eight

Started the game 0-8, went wild in the second and at present moment (3:30 to go) Jorge misses a three that makes us 0-8 this quarter from downtown. Down 14. Tough times. This game showed some promise. Bosh was again insane on the glass with 22 boards and screaming at Bargnani as required. We outrebounded them, we got to the line more and converted. we had a nice run. But what went wrong....

The Brent Barry treatment went to....Mike Dunleavy! (honourable mention goes to Baron Davis). Baron controlled us all around and Dunleavy enjoyed the no defence policy. We attempted 28 treys and dropped only 25% of them. As Paul said "who are we? last year's Raptors?". No, last year's Raps could hit open three's. With Bosh operating at will down low it's unclear why we didn't continue to hurt them with Quatro. They triple him and get into trouble. Why go away from this?

Maybe it's cause Hump was out, but i doubt it. It wasn't the Nani to blame, he did his thing. Garbage man did much better but Mo Pete off the bench looked like crap. Fred Jones starting in his place did fine but no better. The Slam Dunk Champion had one brutal double down on the ball, leaving Baron Davis all alone, and it was all too reminiscent. Why do that, why? Just never do that. Sam, yank guys out of the game when they do that, 'reminder, don't do that'.

Davis also swatted a TJ shot right out of the arena. It was amazing. You could hear the crowd oohing and ahhing after the replays in the stadium. We certainly did.

Norma Wick, doing the analysis with team Leo, is coming up now postgame and had the accidental joke of the night. At halftime they were showing a little ditty on Graham cooking and Leo replies to a comment
'oh no, i can't cook'
Norma chirps in
'maybe not in the kitchen'.

And by joke, i meant slip up. Advantage Leo?.

The fourth quarter wasn't as good from any perspective. I watched in on 15 inches less and rounder television and we stunk. 0-2 on the trip with lots of work to do.


At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our team stinks. Whats up with the Defence. Whats up with no Humphries. All this said, raptors will make the playoffs.

At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Humphries sat out with an injury to his ankle.

At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

keep up the good work. even if it's a loss, i enjoy the read


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