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Friday, October 27, 2006

What could have been so beautiful....

what could have been so toight.
But once again another fantasy draft has passed me by and a couple of panic moves have me looking to make moves early. I'll site taking Marvin any point this is a tough call. In the 9th round, well you get the picture. Of course my team is still top notch from a Marion, JJ, Josh S top 3, right down to my team namesake at number 12, the Garbage Man (Porn Star). Still working out a nickname. Let's just say my team has tremendous upside potential (TUP).

Of course the highlight of the draft, as I eluded to a post ago, is watching a) a guy's team get autodrafted and b) a guy going on and off line.

Team a) was Hoover. We move the draft back twice to accomodate him and he doesn't show. With #1 in a keeper league he landed Lebron, and then sweet sweet fate followed up with Amare as his second overall pick. Amare looks done, or at least a ways away. If Amare comes back he could have the team of the decade, which will once again suggest Yahoo rankings aren't that bad.

Team b) was sitting in my living room across from me. It wasn't until the 11th round, but any time Jeff Foster gets drafted and you get to announce it to an unknowing GM....that's quality stuff.

Raptors 7-0. The last team to go 7-0 in the preseason were the 2001 Lakers. So these Raptors are in good company.
Alright, the 7-0 still doesn't mean anything, but it's just nice to see them winning. Bosh is injured, Ford is injured, Bargnani has a mystery's not looking great, when you hear Mitchell 1 week ago saying the key wil be staying healthy. Ouch. But any time Jose Calzone goes 11-11 from the line and drops 7 are looking at some tremendous upside potential.


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