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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Back to Life. Back to Reality.

Back in the $12.50 Sprite Zone it was just like Old Times. Loud kids games, an aerial view that's better suited for scoping out second half seats than watching hoops and of course Matt Bonner doing everything to get us the 'W'.

The Raps look like you might think three games and 9 new players into the season. A bit disorganized, guys not filling lanes, ghost passes into the stands and most unfortunately no crunch time response to Duncan and Parker.

What we learned for round two with the Spurs is: Double team Duncan down the stretch, see if Parker can beat you with his shot and stop leaving Brent Barry wide open.

We also saw that Bargnani is not afraid to shoot, he can finish and his defence is just something we should stop talking about for a while. Ford meanwhile showed why some people think we got rooked in the Charlie V swap. His shot selection was poor, as was his shot. His numbers were not bad, but they didn't tell the story of his decision making. We saw Bosh chirping at him for a few minutes so let's hope he had some constructive advice. Unlike Brandon who let his best friend cruise around in jean shorts, let's hope Bosh is working with the TJ program.

note: we saw the chirping from a nice pair of gold's in row 15. Which begs the question at what oint in your life should you stop moving to better seats? At some point am I supposed to feel guilty? Pay for top grade seats? Bring kids that i have to 'set an example for'? I'll keep you posted.

76 shots.
One thing to keep in mind with this whole running and gunning and shooting 100 shots is that it only works if you can set the pace or the other team is willing to run with you. The Spurs set the pace, and the Raps slogged it out. We saw a great example of pushing the floor, sadly it was with 4:14 left in the fourth. It'll be a while before we set the tone against a team like the Spurs, but when we do.....

Other notes....Bosh is sweet and his 17 boards make him fantasy sweet too....Joey Graham is playing himself into the development league, although he's hustling, he's just not there yet.....Garbajosa still hasn't found his shot but he's going to be some great glue....Our current starting five will not last till 2007 as the starting crew....Matt Bonner is still a hometown hero, this time doing all he could to help us to victory by going 0-4. Bonner got a sweet ovation from the crowd and responded by throwing those bricks on purpose. One last bit of love before the full transition.

A rough ride but nothing to get worried about.


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