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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Raptors Win. Raptors Win.

From a box score stand point Bosh appeared to be the hero once more. His 25 pts, 14 rebounds, 6 assists and solid shooting percentage seem like a golden soiree after all. What you don't get were his 5 TO's and lack of big play down the stretch were not the key to our win.

Nope, it was the 16pts, 8 rebounds, 8-9 from the line performance dropped in from Joey G that qualified as the TSN turning point. From near bench warmer to Mo Pete (left elbow) shoe filler Meat played huge minutes and helped to power the raps to a win. He didn’t hit the game clinching shot or have the biggest numbers but he made those plays that aren’t numbers. The extra jump to tip a ball and force a Cav to tip it out of bounds. The hustle plays. The heart stats. Joey showed heart tonight.
p.s. Calzone once again played huge minutes down the stretch and showed why he deserves minutes.

Nani was another bright spot for the Raps, playing with more and more confidence. With Rasho logging zero minutos (benched 8 million dud?), Life is Beautiful had a fearless (offensive) performance.

Mascot of the Night.
Mascot of the year.
The Raptor not only dawned his sweet
Bobblehead Blow Up Man but he
rigged himself up to a giant slingsot and
rollerblade fired

himself to a top quality dunk attempt.
Barely missed
but what an attempt.

Fred Jones on the other hand should NOT feel the need to shoot 3’s. Only ridiculous I’m feeling my groove and I’m wide open 3’s, should Fred be taking. We need a guard who can shoot. A shooting guard per se.

We watched those three bombs (3-17) from the joy of the Sprite Zone, which is always a treat. Our tickets at $14.90 (after tax) cost almost the same as a dog and brew ($13.90). But the “Zone” pays for itself on most nights and tonight was no exception. As you can see from these shots we sat with some home made versions of Garbajio and Nani. That's called good luck.

The Sprite Zone geek was taunting the crowd with a BargNani jersey up and down the aisles. He sees our friends in their home made Jerseys and gives an acknowledging nod to the home made Nani. Then he gives it to some dud little kid. A large jersey. Half the crowd is wearing Lebron jerseys? Give this guy the damn Jersey man!

And last but not least what about Lebron? Lebron could score at will but got caught up passing to guys who couldn't convert in big moments. It must be tough not to become Kobe in these moments. But booing Lebron....I didn't think that was in the cards and it was a pleasure. We cheered him at the intro and so many tiny kids had Lebron jerseys I really got my Bosh pride going. But back to the booing. Cheering and general Bron love was in place until he got a couple of questionable calls followed by a flop. That was it. It was no Vince or TMac boo. Obviously. But everytime he touched the ball he was booed for the last 18 minutes. How many arenas does that happen in?

(Lebron drops a deuce
after shoving Calzone
to the ground. Future MVPs
get calls)

But all and all, great job Raptors fans! Stick it to Lebron...while packing the place to see him. Could Lebron join the ranks of Vince and TMac? Doubftul. But we busted out of our losing streak and the counter hits 38.
Go Raps Go.


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