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Friday, February 22, 2008

Not Exactly a Primo Move

Juan Dixon out. Useless 7 footer in.
Listening to Sherm Hamilton and his sidekick talk about having 3 'True 7 Footers' was amazingly comical. 3 True 7 Footers? Bargnani should frame that quote.
Although Brezec was a fantasy darling about 3 years ago he has since gotten lost faster than Oceanic Flight 815.

So what is Colangelo thinking? Is he thinking Brezec is better than Hump (who already doesn't get enough minutes) or Rasho? Is he thinking T.J. is so healthy that between him and Darrick Martin why bother keeping the only other guy who can sort of play point? In my mind while this trade was mostly useless, Detroit just upgraded Flip Murray (17 minutes a game) and we just downgraded our backup point guard. Can't understand this move in the least. If we play the Pistons in the post season it gets even more annoying.

Image: Primoz (and Raptor nation) taking it

Carlos Delfino: Not a backup point guard

Maybe that explains why they were trying to run Delfino at point guard against the Magic for a bit. Wow, was that ever a disaster! While he didn't do all that much wrong on the stat sheet, if you watched the game, Delfino is not a point guard. He just doesn't have the handle or the ability to handle pressure with a quick, smart decision. Repeat: Carlos Delfino plays the point like I play the fiddle. So in summary our backup point guard situation actually managed to just get worse.

Pau Gasol - Love him not
Did you watch the Shaq Daddy's debut the other night? It was your typical Suns game, where they somehow keep hanging in there but lose to a Western Foe. Shaq looked okay, showed some misplaced bursts of energy (diving for loose ball he had no shot at, sprinting down the court after a goaltending call) but what i really discovered after this game is THANK GOD WE DIDN'T LAND GASOL.

I'll apologize in advance to Garbo and Jose, but what a freaking whiner that guy is. I can't tell you how much I hate players like that. I had no idea he was this giant baby. On one play he just chucked the ball out of bounds (obviously thinking Fish was going to cut to the ball). Immediately after, he doesn't!!!! give him the 'my bad' signal but the 'where were you, you were supposed to be there!*!!' signal. He whined and moaned on so many plays I grew to hate him over the course of one game. Done. Glad we don't have him. Sure the Lakers might be a favourite now but they certainly aren't stocking up on players I like. GO SUNS!


At 3:03 PM, Blogger Carter said...

Yeah I have to agree that the move to get Primo was quite underwhelming, but after watching him play yesterday I was kinda impressed. He seemed excited to actually get a chance to play, and he played quite well in limited minutes, and adding another legit center might allow Bargs to play more comfortably as a 4. Hopefully Primo's good play can continue, though...

At 9:18 AM, Blogger WG said...

Primoz Perfection!? The guy doesn't miss a shot, hustles and talks Ghetto.

May I have spoken too soon? Nah, i don't think so but great effort in game one from the Breeze.


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