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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

RIP - Alvin 'Mr. 4th" Williams

Alvin Williams was a work horse. Alvin Williams was a gutsy player. And more than anything, for those of you who forget the days of Vince refusing to take big shots....Alvin Williams was Mr. 4th quarter.

With the game coming down to the last 8 minutes and that ball rotating around Williams would take the shot we needed, and more often than not, come up big. Sure we weren't setting the world on fire back then, but we were competitive and Alvin hit shots, made other people better and competed. He competed so hard, that he willed other players to be better.

What's with the Alvin love fest you say? It's true he's been dragging our books down for a while, and he'll likely never play again. But Alvin deserves a little respect on the way out.

The Press Release stated:
“I have the greatest respect for Alvin Williams, both as a basketball player and as a human being,” said Bryan Colangelo, president and general manager of the Raptors. “Parting ways is simply something that needed to be done for this franchise and Alvin to both move forward.”

Of course it's garbage about it helping Alvin, although maybe he means to move fwd in his life beyond hoops. Just the same, it was time to do it and it's one more step in the right direction for the re-tooled, re-Euro'd Rap Show.


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