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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nani Time

It's tough to talk about losing to the Hawks. Luckily I waited it out and we can talk about sticking it to the Pacers. And off we go. The games we've been winning recently have an interesting trend. The other team shoots below 40%. Is that because of our new trend to challenge shots or is it luck? Are Terri Hatcher's boobs real or not? Does it really matter? Challenge shots, hope the other guys miss and grab some boards.

But the story of tonight was the continued emergence of our two top rookies, Andreas Bargnani (Nani) and Garbajio. The story could be JG and Calzone but they've already been the story. We have two rookie of the year candidates all of a sudden!

Nani is getting play time so scoop him up now for your fantasy squads. If you have a really deep league. Bargnani showed aggression this afternoon for consistent minutes. He didn't have the Araujo in the lights look on his face anymore (although he does have trouble closing his mouth), and he was showing some quickness at that.

Last night I was playing some NBA 2K7, dropping bombs with Nani, some spin moves and the likes. Today he lived up to his video game potential. It was a pleasure to see. And with word on the street that Colangelo is lobbying to get him more PT things are looking up for the rook. Bosh led us in numbers but didn't have a great Bosh game again. Amazing to see us win even when Bosh isn't on top. Incidentally i'm not a big fan of the GM telling the coach what to do, but when you're coach is Sam Mitchell and your GM is Colangelo I guess it is what it is.

Depth came through and our two rookie of the year candidates looked great.
37 wins to go.


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