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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

That’s how you do it. That’s how you win on the road.

The Hornets may have been missing key players, but were any as critical as missing the former Iron Man, Mo Pete? I think not. And the bottom line is the road losing streak is done like Grant Hill’s 3rd ankle.

Five Raptors were in double figures again and the surprise player of the night was A-Parker. He hit his shots (minus his 3's. Can someone tell Jones and Parker they aren't 3 point shooters please? Parker is shooting 29% on the year, 1-5 tonight). Anyways he hustled (as always) and played solid all around ball. Tied going into the second half the Raps managed to hammer the Hornets in the third and fourth to pull away. If every team shot as poorly as the Hornets we could always play the zone! Then again we were missing Mo Pete.

Play of the game honours goes to Rookie of the year candidate, Andreas Bargnani.
With 3:03 to go in the third, Raps up 4, Jose passes it to Nani, who’s foul line extended and zlam, Bosh puts it home. Oh you missed that? So did everyone else, as Bargnani fired a touch pass underneath to Bosh between two defenders, and really right over one. I’m talking Magic Johnson style touch pass. That’s Amore. It was even more exciting that the little beard he’s throwing on there. Although that is pretty exciting too. It's no Morrison stache but it makes him look like he could at least get into a bar in Hull.

(look at the clock! was that ball even in his hands! man that was a toight pass)

MoPete’s injury means more experience for JG. He sure was all over tonight. Another good game with a few airballs mixed in. His second airball of the second half was greeted with an amazing “airball’ deep voice-over machine that the Hornets announcer clearly has access to. It started to make me wonder if his first shot counted as an airball. You decide, he’s a few feet off the baseline, tries to go glass and banks it off the far side of the glass, airballing it by about 7 feet. So no rim (not even close) but all kinds of backboard. Airball or no airball? I didn’t hear the airball horn so tough to say.

Chuck and Jack did the game tonight and Chuck couldn’t get off this Salami and Cheese story (as in the game is over crack out the Salami and Cheese). Jack brought out the Ham and Cheese which pissed Chuck off but not as much as when Leo took a shot in the post game, only to get a “You can bite this Salami Leo”.

Yikes. Chuck better stick to his meatballs and pasta comments and stay away from Leo, Norma and the salami talk. He’s just right out of his league there.

The game got out of hand in the fourth when Nani tried to shake himself open just inside the three..couldn’t do it but pulls up anyways and drains a shot. Toight. Raps up 19. Nani blocks a shot moments later on a reverse attempt. The kid ends up with a big night, dropping 16 in 23 minutes. A couple blocks, a couple threes, a few assists etc.

Other nidbits….Bosh is back to his old tricks. A little peach fuzz, a lot of boards, a mini fro, the perfect look......We even had our white towers in the game together in the fourth..... Anthony Parker HUGE dunk off a Calzone miss. Wow. Picked the miss off the rim and reversed it. Okay, a huge dunk for Parker...... HA HA. Jack just compared Chris Paul and Jose Calzone. I love Calzone but Jack….come on now. “Playing at the same level right now?” presumably he means right this second. Which is a diss on Calzone, Paul is not doing anything tonight. ..... Game continues to get out of hand and the Raps get to rest their ‘starters’ down the stretch. P.S. we still can't shoot 3's (7-22, brutal...although above our average).

Dallas. Boston. New York. Could we get on a roll here? Stay tuned Raptors fans.


At 12:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anthony parker is underrated

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the Hull reference wg seeing as though I'm from Ottawa.


At 4:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

joey graham is hilarious. love that he went: airball, dunk, airball, three

At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i stole this off
I just thought that everyone should get to see it.


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