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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Given that everybody who is 'interested' in Acquiring Iverson actually seems to be disinterested do you think Colangelo has picked up the phone? Do you think he's gone to the Trade Machine to see what he could roll?

Thanks to ESPN (and Josh who sent me the link ) i've rolled through a few scenarios. None of them make sense and none of them are fair for Phili, but do you remember what we got for Vince? Does anyone remember? Exactly. And remember how many teams after said "well, we would have offered something better than THAT". But none of them did. They just didn't realize how desparate we were.

What i'm saying is that in the Superstar sweepstakes you HAVE TO TAKE A CHANCE. As a good GM you owe it to everyone. Especially when you play in the worst division of all time in the worst conference of all time and could actually acquire 1 guy who could run you through the playoffs. And if things don't work's only 2 years.

They've cleared out AI's locker room and taken him off the video highlight real. Nuff said. Let's try to get A.I. for 5 cents on the dollar.

Lastly...before we roll some scenarios i'm well aware that AI might not 'fit'. But consider the fact that Bosh is NOT a selfish guy and we don't have any ball hogs or reliable scorers outside of Bosh....we could be one of the better fits around. Of course, AI would have to play the 2, giving us 2, 5 '10 dudes in the starting lineup.


analysis: that's giving up way too much! get your head straight. Nani? No way. Do you remember what we got for Vince? Rejected.


analysis: move Jose into the starting point guard role (strange role with Iverson on your team). Dump Rasho (his salary has to be involved to make any trade work). Donate Parker, who is middle of the road. Getting AIs speed and giving up Fords. It'd be nice to have all the speed to ourselves. Rejected.

Parker .....counter offer....replace with MoPete

analysis: with Iverson shooting 20 shots a game and Bosh dropping 15, that really limits what MoPete is going to hoist up. But we don't offer him first. We offer up Parker. Even Phili laughs at that one and we go to plan B, throw in Mo. Although it's tough to give away our only 3 point shooter, Mo's contract is coming up and someone will overpay him next year. Cut him loose, gotta throw in Rasho, and Jose has showed a spark that could make him a starter. Of course you'd be busting up Garbo's main man. Overall though this deal has pretty much zero upside for Phili and is not bad for us, which means it's the winner we've been looking for! Make the offer!

If you have to we throw in a second rounder. Love second rounders.

Our new starting lineup

Bosh, Nani, Iverson, Garbo, Jones

Adding Iverson, not removing Nani, Bosh or the Glue Man Garbo....I say we roll the dice. It's two years of Iverson and we could actually take a shot at the East!? And the title....okay...but how sweet would it be to even get to the finals.....pretty freaking sweet.

analysis: TAKE A SHOT!


At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty safe to say that AI will not be coming to Toronto, so this article is kind of pointless.
This does not say that Toronto can't play a role in the AI sweepstakes. With Toronto's available cap space and some holes to fill BC can help facilitate a trade with other teams to match up salaries to make a deal work.
Judging what other teams are considering trading and what Philly may want seems to be the issue delaying the deal happening. Maybe an analysis of a possible 3 way deals to make things work would be a good execise. This may be a more realistic and interesting post.


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