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Monday, April 09, 2007

Bulls Lashed, Raps Heading to #2?

I'm back from Habana and managed to find my way into an Easter dinner at the ACC with my sister last night. That's how you do Easter dinner with only one family member in town. Some free Sushi and Chicken at the ACC. Happy Easter everyone.

Quick Change
The ACC was sold out and the halftime show was "Quick Change". When Quick Change is on at the ACC (second time this season) I don't leave my seat. This is the best half time show you'll ever see. If they could get these guys every game they should. It's impossibly captivating. I can't describe it better than the name, a couple dances and the girl 'changes' outfits in front of your eyes, without you seeing it, at least 10+ times. And once halftime was over....

11 Points problem
The second half started out shaky, the Raps down 4 and immediately giving up 7 straight we were sitting down 11. And then it all turned. The Rapshow took over completely. From down 7 to up 15 it was pure domination from that point out. The crowd was getting more and more like a playoff crowd and with the Islanders winning in a shoot out on the screens in the ACC it was more obvious this was the only show left in town.

Anthony Parker, a.k.a. Michael Jordan might soon be taking the placard off Mo Pete's office and replacing it with his own. Nailing three after three from the baseline, Parker went off for a career high (27 points i believe). He had one of his Jordan-esque dunks and continues to show why he was called 'The best player not in the NBA".

Good Joey also showed up which meant mostly good decisions, 'feeling' his shot and a career high with 19 points. Joey showed his versatility by covering Nocioni, Deng and anyone else they threw him on. The fact our 6'7 swingman can D-up on a Luel Deng is awesome. The fact that he only shows up every 5th or so game is the problem. But last night it was all good.

Bosh was Bosh, sorry I never have much to say. He rebounds, makes smart passes and dominates when required. Juan Dixon, I can't stop talking about. Primarily because we got him for Fred Jones. Colangelo has started to reach the stage where we can argue about what his greatest moves have been...and he's only been here for 3/4 of a year. Is he not the Executive of the Year? How can he not be? A complete turnarond, Mark Stein has us ranked 5th for god's sake! Unbelievable.

Second Place
With the win the Raps not only are close to taking over the legitimate 3rd place and could even (gasp) make a run at second. The thing is, Washington is more than likely going to stay in 6th place, and everyone wants to play Washington right now. Everyone. Not that finishing second and beating Vince wouldn't be great, but the focus right now is to keep winning and land a great matchup.


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