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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Brutality in Motion

Now that was a thorough beat down.

What the heck....
TMac was only booed for the first few minutes.
Yao Ming faced some boos to counteract the Yao mani in Toronto.
Chris Bosh was nowhere to be seen (sauf collecting some boards).
Mo Pete showed why we need Parker back.

All in all not what I was expecting or hoping for last night at the ACC.

The end of an era
Let's start with Mo Pete. I've stood up for Mo through good times and bad cause he's a streaky kind of guy, he's got heart and he's always been able to play d, finish on the break and get back into his groove with the 3 bomb. But Mo has entered the contract year slump of slumps. He started the game and the second half and was quickly yanked forcing Juan Dixon (6'3) to cover T-Mac (6'9), giving up all kinds of heigh. Mo, listed at 6'7 was always our shut down man and i'm unclear as to where his D has gone.

TJ needs the pressure of a hot Calzone
T.J. unfortunately had a let down game, and Mitchell was hesitant to go to D Martin. But Darrick Martin has solidifed himself as one of my favourites. I have no clue what his game looked like 4 years ago, but regardless of that I feel it's better now on IQ alone. He knows when to shoot, and shoots shots in his range. TJ has not played well withouth the pressure of a hot Calzone to eat into his minutes, Mitchell might consider giving those to D Martin if he can keep that kind of play up.

Nani on D?
The other bright spot was Nani, who played 30 minutes covering Yao Ming. I was surprised Rasho only got 13 minutes but the Raps offence was so pathetic we really had no choice but to get the Nani in there, who made some spectacular plays once more, but also through a number of brutal brutal passes. His defense was better than expected on the 7'6 monster so can't complain about him too much.

So in summary.... Parker and Calzone were missed and Bosh can't not shot up for big games. Yao Ming gets the ball and either scores or finds open guys. You have to decide if you'll let that guy beat you. That open guy was Rafer Alston all night (who drew some boos himself) and he converted again and again. Likely the best game he's played all year if not this decade.

When Houston is hot and you aren't, look out. Raps have to win a big game soon.


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