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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We've Got a NANI DOWN!

Nani is down, repeat Nani is down.

Andrea hit the emergency room table last night in Toronto and is OUT.

Andrea Bargnani will miss a substantial part of the rest of the NBA regular season after having an emergency appendectomy early this morning
- Toronto Star


Apparently this type of surgery knocks you out for a month. If I tally that up....Uh oh. April 21st, perhaps our first playoff game. That means

a) Rasho has to step it up on both ends of the court. He won't replace Nani's shooting but he had at least better start waxing that glass. Nani has long surpassed Rasho at rebounding and we need that from Rasho the king of the 'tip'.

b) Replacing those three's. Who will jack up the 8 three bombs produced by Nani? Nobody. At least nobody should. You can't just replace a lights out big man who stretches the floor by bringing centres out to the three point line. You can't. Having Mo Pete start to jack 7 three's a game (old school, i know) is just not the solution. Hopefully the Raps continue to play smart, extra pass, shoot when open hoops and not force the extra points.

c) Humpty Time? Can the Hump step it up and play 20 minutes a game? I would say unlikely but who knows maybe this injury gives somebody a chance to step up....

All in all this is bad news, Nani needed the 'down the stretch' experience to feel what real dog fights are like in the NBA. Looks like his first taste of that is going to be in the first game of the playoffs.

The good news is the Knicks and Nets are truly in a battle of futility. It's quite something to watch. Oh and i saw Vince Carter ranked 15th on somebody's NBA MVP list on on that rant later.


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