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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Best Game of the Year....But even a better photo album

Unfortunately i missed last night's Rapshow pummelia of the dirty Knicks, only catching highlights and the regular reports on the game. Sounded like a rough first half followed by Raptors domination. TJ seems to be stepping up, but let's hope the Calzone injury doesn't make him too comfortable (read: start driving 1-4 again).

I did get home in time to see the most entertaining 4th quarter / double overtimes I've seen in a long while. Phoenix at Dallas. Look at the score by quarters. It was truly a wild ride. My favourite sequence started with about 1:20 to go in the game, one announcer is trashing Nash, giving Dirk the MVP and telling us how Nash's numbers were okay but really he didn't do enough. Over the final 54 second of the game Nash drops in 10 pts, including drawing a foul on a 3 pt play, getting a key defensive rebound and getting fouled and of course hitting the game tying 3. Little Stevie Nash....just picked up a couple of MVP votes right there.

And while I was going to go on and on about overtime and all the great moments, i was hit with the best photo gallery i've seen on Flickr in a long time, that being random ball players out with clingy nba chicks at parties. A lot of girls on drink number 13 in these shots and a lot of washed up / never been / never will be's still soaking up the love.

Just enjoy this. Take your time. Look around.

And let's give some props to Toronto's one and only rep on this list, Juan Dixon. But really ladies of Toronto, no JYD or Oakley shots? Open up your computers and get those things on here.

And while were at it, although this is good times, is this the best that you can do? We know what really goes on behind NBA closed doors...I'd like to see someone work on the "R" version of this gallery.....


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