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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Moving on Up

Move of the Game
The GM move of the game had to be our slip and slide from row 7, section 319 down to sultry 110s, row who cares. Of course Balfy, in from the O-Town was extremely paranoid that the security guards were eyeing us up for the boot.

Which makes me wonder how funny it is to be these 'security' guards. Section 110 is about half full going into halftime. After the half you've got an assortment of thugs, punk kids, average looking joe's now filling up the gold seats. Do you really want to start asking everyone for their tickets? Do you even care? What happens when Johnny Richbucks shows up mid 3rd Q and is annoyed you weren't 'guarding' his seat?

I personally think there should be hundreds of 'moves of the game' and everyone should get shuffled down to primo seats come the 3rd quarter. Leave a few open for J. Richbucks if he shows up late, but by in large lets bring the enthusiasm and heart of the arena a little closer to the players when possible.

Games notes...oh yeah, the game. A pretty standard get a 7-9 point lead and ride it all night. Bosh was dominant in the early going, great all game and dominant again to close things out. We could never really put them away, but missing A Parker, Nani and the Hot Calzone I'd say we played just fine.

My Comments from Yesterday were
a) Rasho step up.
played 31 minutes, but unless you watched you missed out his stellar defence on Dwight Howard. A fantastic performance by Rasho.

b) 3's
Without Nani and A Parker nobody stepped up, we only shot 3 of them. Garbo was brutal from beyond and Mo got yanked too early to get up more than 2 (missed both).

c) Humpty
Played 17 serviceable minutes. He's on his way.


Darrick Martin a no no. What the heck happened to the Glory of D-Martin? He got in right before the half and that was it. Very unfortunate from an entertainment stand point.

Mo Pete cannot seem to capitalize on these opportunities. Mo Pete can't even hit a shot from his office anymore, i'm starting to think someone stole his swingline stapler. For those of you unaware of Mo's office (baseline 3 pt land) you need to get up to speed.

Juan Dixon is so much better than Fred Jones i'm not sure when to stop expressing this. With timid Fred we had exactly one Raptor who didn't like to shoot in any circumstance. I'm happy to report with Juan, we're all on the same page again.

Nugget of Leo....apparently it was Leo's bday and it was being celebrated with all the Raptors in a little Cafe style restaurant up in Yorkville. Thanks for the tip from DCup, but we didn't have time to get up there and snap some good photos for the blog, certainly a let down. Hopefully we'll get some in the near future.

Happy birthday Leo. And thanks for reading.


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