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Monday, April 16, 2007

Match Up Time

"I'm sure the fans would love to see Vince for the first game" - Chris Bosh

One of two things is happening here. Either Bosh is mistaking our raw hatred and ACC Vince Boo Fest for something that it isn't, or Bosh is trying to prepare for the inevitable.

Clearly any logical Raptors fan wants to face the Wizards. Without Caron Butler and Agent Zero Washington is like 24 without Jack Bauer i.e. severely lacking in intimidation, skill, accuracy or low whispery voices. They have won only 2 of 10 and yesterday only scored 20+ points in 1 of 4 quarters. Top 3 scorers: DeShawn Stevenson, Jarvis Hayes and Etan Thomas. Need I say more.

Roger Mason Jr is just
one of the many fearful
Wiz awaiting their first
round opponent.

So what Bosh is really saying is "Damn, it would be sweet to play the Wiz, but I don't think they can hold that 1 game lead on Jersey. The still have to play Orlando and Indiana (i.e. basketball teams) so basically they are screwed and we'll be playing Jersey. So fans get ready!"

Having swept the season series Jersey just needs to tie the Wiz to take 6th. If the Wiz and Jersey totally crap out there is an outside chance we play Orlando. And of course if the Raps can get past Chicago this all changes as we'd be playing #7. Either way it's Jersey, Orlando or the Wiz and any Raps fan wants Wiz (1), Orlando (2), Jersey (3).

Why? Because we want to win. We have our eyes set on second and third rounds, not on a Vince vendetta. The Vince hatred is great for some regular season booing, bringing out the bibs and other good old fashioned Vince bashing....but Vince is really a joke now in our review mirror, and our goal is not to boo him (which we will of course...because it's fun) or beat just him. While it would be great to beat Vince en route to our best season ever it is only a 'nice to have' on the wish list.

Our goal is to beat whatever team stands in the way of the greatest Raptors team ever assembled. Even if we do play Jersey, can Vince, Kidd and Jefferson do what everyone is afraid of, namely step it up and be the '3 headed monster'? They haven't done it yet this season or really ever so don't get too worried Raps fans.

Then again would I prefer to play them in round 1?...of course not, don't be stupid.

One thing is certain, it's unchartered territory.... and Raptors nation is ready to rumble.

Game Notes: Oh yeah, our tight victory over New York sealed home court advantage for round 1! We had to win 1 of 3 remaining but I think Mitchell did the right thing playing Bosh heavy minutes (all 48) and doing anything possible for the win. You don't want to back into that home court advantage (through other team's losses). And now that we have it locked down we can rest our big guns and win or lose these last two games feel confident going into the playoffs. Now, if Mitchell keeps playing Bosh any more than 18 minutes a game I'll be annoyed. While all of this 'resting' guys down the stretch is reeking total anarchy on my fantasy finals match up it has to be done.
Fantasy Note: Why does Yahoo's league go until the last day? My team is chalk full of nuds who are getting 37 minutes a game all of a sudden. What a bad way to end the season.


At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Raps Fan said...

I have been annoyed with Bosh's and Parkers extended minutes for about 5 games now. I understand not backing into homecourt advantage, but there could have be a balance struck where Bosh/Parker played 30-35 minutes, and more time went to guys like MoPete and Joey Graham or whoever else. Hopefully the extended minutes wont be a fatigue factor in the playoffs.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger WG said...

Raps said it. At least we're shutting Bosh down tonight. We also have to keep in mind Coaches incentives aren't always the same as long term fans. Mitchell clinching home court advantage, having the best record in Raps history etc. all help him close out his new deal.

Mo Pete has to get off the useless truck, let's see what he can pull together in the last two games here. And Parker with that ankle should just be resting heavy. We can't pass Chicago and it'll take a miracle for Washington to hold off Jersey. Time to just get ready for Jersey and rest our key guys.


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