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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rockin' with the Raptors Part I

Wednesday night was the aforementioned Red Party. Sometimes these types of parties are total duds (think JYD's All Star parties back at the Palladium). I'll try to puke out as much as i can remember because this party was top flight.

The Setting
A large swankily decorated red room. The Raptor (in his Red Suit) and the "Axe" Dance Pack (in Red Gear). VIP areas cordoned off by velvet ropes. Food stations with delicious little mini bacon cheese burgers and duck confit poutine. Booze, booze and more booze. DJ booth, large auction and your hosts Chuck, Norma and the entire Raptors organization.

The Setup
It was clear when my sister Marie and I rolled in that a few drinks while perusing auction items were going to be required to loosen up the mingling vibes. After perusing a rather solid auction room I set my eyes on two items: A sweet tiny Sony camera and a game worn Jersey signed by none other than my main man Jorge Garbajosa.

The players at this point are scattered around the various VIP rooms and my bid of $120 is up on the board and owning both the camera and that Jersey. That glorious, glorious Jersey.

Marie notices one of Ronan's (her boyfriend) co-workers in the VIP room and decides to dial him up. Ronan is a character and ready to crash the party with a used ticket stub. Definitely the move of the game. Our deuce is now a three and Ronan quickly maneuvres us into the VIP room.

Raptor Time
Each Raptor was forced to mingle through the VIP rooms. Here are some of the highlights, facts and figures. I was planning on asking each guy about McGyver vs. The Littlest Hobo and yet somehow I totally forgot.
(For the record the Hobo would clearly be a better friend and great if you had 'time'. But as Balf points out if you are in a really tight spot the Hobo would have to go find someone to help you, then convince them to follow him back. You gotta stick with McGyver.

Chris Bosh
Me: How about 30-15-5 for the playoffs?
Bosh: Ah...that could be tough
Me: The 5 is blocks
Bosh: Oh, okay then.

Who does he want to face? Bosh is a well trained PR man, he says it doesn't matter. I mention the obvious Wiz free fall and he steers clear of that land mine.

We talk Vids for a bit. Turns out he's a Madden man. When he plays 2K7 on his Xbox with his buddies he always choses the Raptors but they rock him. On the downside he doesn't seem to have any clue what Double Dribble is. Ah kids.

I point out my bid number on the Garbo Jersey and that it's going to be one stank Jersey if it's game worn. "Yeah. He sweats man". Check.

On Toronto recruiting Bosh says he tries to tell guys about the city but the reaction is usually "Toronto?". And when he gets people into town they are more like "Toronto!". Bosh clearly likes the city and the chill vibe. I point out he's gotta start trashing the Dud U.S. cities like the Waukee not just pumping up TO.

I also ask Bosh if he feels comfortable breaking every record of 'he who we won't name'. Bosh admits that's a lot of records but he'll be here for a while. I think everyone will enjoy watching those records fall. Maybe we need to get that in the right side bar of this blog.

Social Rating: 9
True Height Rating: 10
Dude you would want to chill with rating: 9 (Bosh was way cooler than I imagined. Definitely a fun kind of guy. The fact he's our leader, hardest worker and a dude. Raptors domination for years to come).

Jose Calzone
Me: You going to bring some world championship magic?
Calzone: Of course I am
Me: You ready for the pressure?
Calzone: What pressure? I feel no pressure.

Who does he want to face? It don't matter. He's just going to keep on winning. I like that attitude. I also told him that my girlfriend had a crush on him so i might have to photoshop him up a bit. He was a full proponent.

Later in the party Ronan runs up and turns me around and says "Jose you have to meet Warren". Oh we've met. I ask him about Garbo, he says he's doing well. I mention my bid on the Jersey and tell him if Garbo doesn't come back stronger than ever that Jersey is a dud! He's confident my bid is golden.

Note: I tell people i'm 5'10. Sure if i go to the Doctor i'm like Five ten and a half (or so). But I have so many actual 5'11 friends I can't try to really pull that off. Well Jose is listed at 6'3. Look at this picture. We're on the same floor here.....

Social Factor:
8.5 (the point 5 is for letting Ronan drag him around)
True Height: 7 (i'm going 6'2 at best)
Party: Didn't get a great read on this, but my gut says 8.5.

Anthony Parker
My friend calls you the new MJ, you've got all his moves
Parker: Everyone has his moves
Me: No, you love the palm fake, the fade, the quick dunk etc. Your MJ.
Parker: (who is this guy) Ha.

Who does he want to face? Man these Raps are well trained. Anthony Parker just wants to keep playing.

Parker is the ultimate team guy. He says absolutely the right things, and you feel like he really means it. I ask him how it feels to be the best player not in the NBA who's now in the NBA and he laughs. He doesn't think like that. I ask him about stepping it up over the past week, he says everyone steps up on this team.

Then I inform his we are going to have to remove the placard from Mo Pete's office and replace it with his name. The baseline three is his money ball. On this one he's eager to tell me that nobody is replacing Mo Pete, but lots of people work well from that office. I'm quick to tell him he's the one we need in that office.

Social Rating: 9
True Height: 10
Party Factor: Depends on your party. A great Dinner guest (10), a good charity fund raiser, a family man. I don't feel like he's going to whoop it up with you (6), but I feel like he's in for a good time. So long as we are winning.

Is this blog going to get way too long if I could through each player? Absolutely. Let's break this up and bring you more in the next post. I've definitely saved the best for last.

Coming up in Part 2: Joey Graham gets a lesson in Fashion, Uros cracks me up (but not David Stern), Juan meets Flickr and more.....

Quick Update
Last Nights Game: Raptors vs. Pistons
It was a big win for the Raptors and we'll take them anyway we can get them. But let's be perfectly clear, Detroit managed to keep a 10 point lead pretty much all game until we made our run down the stretch. The Pistons starters were on the bench, note Lindsay Hunter attempting the game tying three. A win is a win, and we needed it. 3rd is pretty much locked, one more win is all we need. But if we face these Pistons were going to need Bosh on the line a LOT more and we're going to need to get everyone on the boards. Humpty had 18 boards and was wildly active. Let's hope that catches on.


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