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Monday, April 23, 2007

We will break you

Saturday was nuts. Tuesday will be nutser. Oh hey, Richard Jefferson, if you were hoping to get some extra boos....congratulations! That's some solid work. You're in the club you giant tud.

A little extra reminder below from our good friend Bill Simmons that it's not just about us Raptors fans. Let's do this one for the little guys out there. Let's bile up the Vince, T-Mac and Mourning 'love' and channel it into another Vince Carter dud of a game. Let's Break this guy once and for all and end this thing.

From the Sports Guys Chat

Kmart, California: Raptors-Nets: Do you think any other arena is going to get as loud and angry as the Air Canada Centre, when Prince Carter steps on the floor? The city (Toronto) is in a frenzy.

Bill Simmons: Never. In NBA history, it will have only been topped once: Game 6 of the '86 Finals, the game after Sampson attacked Jerry Sichting and the Garden crowd unleashed about as much hatred as 15,000 fans could unleash in the following game (by the way, he had deer in the headlights and finished something like 2 for 15). People of Toronto, I urge you -- don't let up. The guy screwed you over. Don't let him beat you in the playoffs. You can singlehandedly affect the outcome of this series -- you can break him, he's not a tough player. You are doing this for every fanbase who ever got screwed over by a star athlete who went somewhere else and decided to start giving a crap again. That's your mission, now come through for us.


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