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Friday, April 27, 2007

Settle Down Now

That last post was quite a rant. You'll have to pardon the interuption in our regularly scheduled writings. I've now calmed down substantially and can see some light at the end of this tunnel.

Light #1: Vince Carter Stinks
Check out this article by Bruce Arthur from the post. It's a peach. I especially like his description of Vince as "a limp-faking, wince-making, tanking vat of still-untapped talent". Before last game Kidd called out Carter, to Kidd's surprise (?) nobody was home. Calling him out again is probably futile, Vince shows up when he is god damn good and ready. And with any luck that will be too late. If he fails to show up for one of the next two we should be able to steal one in Jersey. Despite how badly we are playing New Jersey hasn't even sold out the game! Not exactly an intimidating arena. And having been part of the Frenzy that was the ACC, I imagine it took most everybody on that team some getting used to. I'm guessing none of those players have been on a louder stage.

Light # 2: Could we play much worse?

For all the talk about grinding it out and 'these are the types of games you have to win' take a look around the league. Sure it's the playoffs but other teams are running their sets, getting the shots they want and playing ball. I know Jersey's D is mediocre, I know Nikki Moore can't cover Bosh and I KNOW that we can get what we want against this team if we start playing smart. Calzone and Ford can both hit the 16 foot jumper if they get going, and if they start taking them at smart times, we keep making the extra pass etc. (i.e. play our game) we'll be able to take this thing over.

The Sting
The only dilemma tonight are my 'dinner plans'. It's tough to have both hoops and a hockey team rolling through the playoffs and keep your girlfriend happy. Can i really commit to going out for dinner at all over the next month? I'm pretty sure that's not reasonable. Let's just hope I can find a way to step it up, maximize my tivo (PVR), get the shots I'm looking for and defend myself as well as possible.

If not Vince and I will have something in common... A very long off season filled with excuses.


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