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Monday, February 25, 2008

Who's Running This Ship?

Does that look like a reasonable way to try and ice a game, up 3 with 22 seconds to go?

Does that look like I got so upset during this play I had to rewind it, pause it, and take a picture of my television set? (p.s. this turns into a finger role in about .03 seconds...a long, long, finger role).

Maybe you would feel better knowing TJ had missed 3, 2nd half, 1 on 3 layups and was 6-14 at the time?

But that's TJ. He's working his way back in by hoisting up more shots than anyone on the team. He played more minutes than Calderone (who was mostly invisible) and he did what TJ does down the stretch. Hold the ball for TJ time.

I'm officially concerned. Mitchell has got to get TJ working with the system. And when he does it will be a beautiful thing. But the last 3 minutes of the game if TJ and Jose are both in, let me suggest Jose at the 1, and TJ at the 2.

Bosh has clearly established himself, and I mean really finally established himself as the man. Not just on the Raptors but in the NBA he is now one of those guys. And we're going to see it this spring. I can feel it. But keep in mind this all happened in TJ's absence. It was a great growing experience and Jose's style of running our team was one of the key pieces. i.e. hey Bosh, it's your team.

I'm not suggesting TJ's return isn't good. It's great. We don't need him to finish 4th or 5th and have a competitive first round. But if we want to win in the playoffs we need all of the help we can get, and you can't buy his quickness. He runs the pick and roll by driving by dudes and dishing it backwards over his head. You love that guy. You hate that guy. But he's not the floor general that Jose is. Here's hoping Sam can figure out how to make this work.

Note: Great work by Carlos Delfino tonight....attaboy Delfino, knocking down 6-7 from long range.

Calderone Looking on and wondering....really Tee-Jay. A finger role from just inside the foul line has a 22% chance of going in...I think this is a bad plan....but i like you anyways.

Quick Update: Have Toronto Sports writers stopped watching the games? Doug Smith and the guy from are all "oh TJ is back baby!". Huh? I think they meant 'back to his old tricks'. Doug Smith blames DELFINO for almost 'blowing the game' with his charge down the stretch? Now that's a stretch.


At 5:54 AM, Blogger John said...

Being a Raptors fan yourself, I would like to know about your thoughts on Carlos DELFINO becoming the Raps sixth man?

At 11:19 PM, Blogger Carter said...

hey man, I know how you feel! T.J. can be a frustrating player, but all in all you have to admit he's brought a huge lift to the second unit since his return. If it wasn't for him, we might have not even won that game! He's been playing great since his return overall. He's definitely not a pass-first PG anymore, but hey his shot is dropping more often than not. I can live with that...for now :P lol


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