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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The 2006 Schedule

You know hoops news is running dry when the schedule is the talk of the town. Well the schedule sucks. These Raps don't need a punishing road schedule all the way up till new Years (half of our entire road games in the first two months) and then "5 games at home to end the year". We're bound to have a tough time gelling off the get go, like any new ensemble and getting humped on the road is a tough way to start it out.

We aren't looking at a 1-15 start b/c we'll stay close and Bosh won't let it happen. That said I'm not pleased and nor should you be. On the positive side if you figure we would be losing games home or away, because of the gel factor then maybe this is a good thing. By the time we've got it together we can get on a run win those 5 last home games and take that momentum into the playoffs! In one short paragraph I'm all of a sudden coming around to this new 'starting slow' on the road.

Now that we've got a new team what do we do with the old guys when they come to town? We know that Vince has a lifetime boo award as does T-Mac. Unfortunately T-Mac loves the boos and routinely demolishes us....but we do it anyways because Spite is a powerful ally.

The Return of the Raps: BOO or CHEER?

Charlie V (Nov 3rd) : Cheer
Chucky V played out of position and way out of expectation last year. And then Colangelo decided he was at his peak and it was time to move him. Charlie V gave us more than we could have asked for and deserves a little cheering action for the solid year.

Matt Bonner (Nov 5th): Standing O
San Antonio teamates will wonder how we let this guy go, and what we know that they don't. What we know is that the Red Rocket is a Toronto legend, from the first reports that he drove a beater and walked to work. The ACC will go wild when Bonner comes in the game and Bonner will once again be sad for a moment he is gone (Single Tear)...and then he'll remember he has a shot at the title.

Araujo (Nov 20th): One last about a sarcastic cheer?
How many times have I booed / heckled this guy? Even I got tired of it. He warmed up like a beast but played like a panicked pansy. Had he been drafted 25th, nobody would have really cared. But he wasn't. So this is your last chance to boo the man....but let's just be happy he's gone and the Humpty Dance (Chris Humphries) is in. I propose that if he does get into the game we apply the 'sarcastic cheer' because we are clearly ecstatic that he is gone.
note: Toronto likes to boo better than Sarcastic cheer but I think we have it in us!


At 1:56 PM, Blogger sven said...

I would have trouble booing Arujo even though I agree that he was only good at giving fouls. I can't blame him for being drafted so high. So, I'd like to know how we can get Rob Babcock to a game just so we can boo him? Let's give the booing to those that deserve it! T-Mac, Vince and now Babcock!

At 3:49 PM, Blogger WG said...

Booing Babcock deserves its own post! That is a legendary idea. Perhaps Colangelo can lure him here under false pretenses of honouring our old GMs....then we can unleash the boo's and get the 'noise meter' running!

A noise meter for that's a game i'd like to be at.


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