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Thursday, August 24, 2006

ESPN - Eat It

When Chris Bosh was asked if he'd be at the World Games knowing he was a benchwarmer would he, his answer was less than dishonest.

"I can't say that I would, but I don't think anyone would have told me that."

That sounds like a good old fashioned up your bumb with a rubber thumb to that reporter. The right answer of course is the b.s. crapola 'it's a team game, and i'm just ready to go whenever they call me'. That's the answer Wade gave for Bosh.

I love Bosh. I think he can contribute no doubt. But my question is, with that attitude does the U.S. have anyone with the ballons to go talk to Bosh and say 'listen man, enough of that crap. talk like that when this thing is over'. This team needs leadership and a one for all for one attitude. Guys need to cheerlead and that is not cheerleading. He ain't just 'happy to be there'. Hunger is good. But selfishness kills.

For one unshining moment we saw Bosh being honest...a little too honest.


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