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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Colangelo Woos Globe

Does anyone really think that excitement in Raptorville has anything to do with our new GM anymore? The Globe does. don't click here keep reading.

We believe in Bryan I once wrote, but it is not Colangelo's fierce gaze that sells tickets, it's those toight moves he's making. When you spend every last dime, bring in 9 new guys with a ton of mystery factor including the #1 pick, it's gonna get us fired up. We are easily excited. We've seen potential where few others have through the great eyes of upside, RIP big Mongolian fella. One of our house hold legends was Matt Bonner...cause he walked to work. Like I said....we get excited easily here. Include the fact that we have a summer benched chip on his shoulder Chris Bosh (hopefully), and' all' we are looking for here are a couple of step'er uppers and a whack load of quality role players to have a shot at the playoffs. There are so many raptors subplots with international intrigue and winning experience, hyped up titles and some simply amazing, yes i say amazing You Tube videos. If the Parker and Garbage Man montages on You Tube don't qualify as legendary then I want to see what you are bringing to the table. The mystery of course is that you can't compare any of this to the NBA. Nate Huffmans, we'll have a few. But then again....too few to mention. But it's the wondering of who will step up that builds the buzz. Bargnani, number 1 pick, the Dirk of the future? The Euro invasion. The Garbage man's grit, leaners and three's? T.J. Ford's all star potential, Mo Pete's breakout 3 pt year (okay...just me excited on that one). And don't forget, the former SLAM DUNK CHAMPION.....ladies and gentlemen....Fred Jones! What a glorious and useless notch on a resume. Fred Jones vs. the Raptor. Book it. That sells tickets.

Sure Bryan woo'd me like a Hungarian in a Champagne room....but that dance is over.


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