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Saturday, December 16, 2006


Nothing like the annual Vince boo-festival combined with a W to get into the holiday spirit. Vince stinking up the joint to a chorus of boos brings a tear of joy not unlike the return of Chris Bosh will.

Vince claims that the crowd doesn't get to him. Vince also claimed that he didn't give up on us. Vince also rolls on the ground like a baby anytime he sees fit. That's what you gotta love about Vince.

TJ says the Raps know how to play together without Bosh. Well they played some defense and New Jersey couldn't hit the water as they were falling over board. Some all around great team play no doubt, but sans Bosh we're just trying to stay afloat. With the New Jersey beat down the Raps have moved themselves to within 1/2 a game of the playoffs! At 9-14 that is a bit of a sad statement for the NBA, but great news for us Raps fans.

With no Bosh in sight, this could be a tough stretch run to the New Year. Here's hoping TJ knows how to play without Bosh and that our opposition continues to stink. Here's hoping Joey can have a few more of these type of games. Here's hoping Nani can get consistent before he's going to get consistent. We should also be hoping that Mo Pete starts dropping bombs again and that the Garbage Glue man keeps us stuck together. And Rasho...if he can keep his energy up maybe he can play some serviceable minutes.

Sunday I'll be in attendance and the posts should start coming fast and frequently. I've been under the man's thumb a little too tightly lately but i'm trying to come up for some air. By the time i come up who knows...maybe the Raps will be in first place in the East.


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