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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Down 32 with 3:00 to go in the third. There's not much to say. I skipped commenting on last game in the hopes that this would be the ecstatic 'we got it back baby' post. Ah....right. We got our ass handed to ourselves on a platter. There is nowhere to start. The Nets currently outscoring us 36-6 from 3 (with Kidd hitting them at will), Bosh unable to even catch the ball in the post let alone score, no assists, lots of turnovers, everyone charging into So far the highlight of the game is Bruce Willis hammered doing a court side interview and dropping a "Yippee Kay Yay Muther Fucker!" after telling us that this new Die Hard (Die Hard 4) is better than even the first and then the announcer having to apologize. Fantastic. Hammered Bruce Willis is the highlight of the game.

What a debacle.

I'll be at the game Tuesday which is all I can think about right now to keep an even keel. 84 - 52. Maybe I'll watch some Lord of the Rings on TBS. What a sham.

Until tomorrow. I'll just keep moving on.
Maybe tomorrow. We'll want to settle down.


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