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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Experiment is Over

So Bosh isn't happy that Mitchell tried to work in some new offences and defences the day before the game. Fair enough. Given this squad struggles to execute the same plan we've had for 82 games it's reasonable to assume it's going to be tough going to pick something else up over night, oh ya, on the eve of being asked to just magically 'turn it around'.

But Raptors faithful, let's focus on the real issue. The experiment is over. The ego tailoring has got to end now. Get Jose Calderone back up to 35 minutes a game! Is it that simple? Could it be? Maybe.

Jose is a fine guy, willing to come off the bench and not take it personally. Willing to even say it publically. But I don't care. And nor should Mitchell, you or anybody else. It's clear as day he's the better player, the team plays better with him and he needs more minutes. I think we've show cased Ford enough to trade him, don't you? If Jose is playing 35 he kills the Magic not only with his ability to get other guys going but to get into a rhythm himself. And if he can't find it, oh my god, he wouldn't...could you imagine...he might actually not force it?! Whoa pinch me i'm dreaming.

Getting Ford off the floor might help as much as getting Jose on it. And while in this magical scenario of Mitchell making the obvious move sure I still dream. I dream that it all comes together like we know it can. I dream that TJ comes off the bench and has a few 27 point 'they can't guard him' moments that boosts his stock and allows us to dump him in the off-season for something decent. But remember....i'm a dreamer.

Speaking of experiments, how is the A-Barg starting? How angry am I? Did I warn you this post was actually going to be a rant filled with unaswered questions? And it's not like i expected to actually win game 1 in Orlando, but I never anticipated that kind of decimation or defiance of logic. Bargnani starting, really? How did this come about again?

Loose Explanation from Mitchell
"hey he hasn't played well in months I'm right here, i see that. But those are stats man. And where you all are writing that he's got no confidence and seems to show a complete indifference to all of this, I see resilience. Do you remember last year in the playoffs? Man he stepped it up. I like him on defence too. Sometimes you got a gut feel and you go with it!"

Based on that you gotta cut Mitchy some slack. Or do you say 'hey, he hasn't had that mojo in 3 months...or is it a full year now?" Resting our hopes on Bargnani getting hot is insane. Worrying that we're going to lose on Turk-o-Glue's post game, inane. And speaking of Defence Having Kapono and other wing men sloughing into no man's land on defence is inexcusable. Don't double the post guy, but don't cover your guy. Just make sure he can easily pass it back out to an open guy or you can get close enough to reach in. Could we try and make them work for it?

And speaking of working for it, can the former coach of the year dust off his trophy, open his ears and backup into the obvious move here? Please.

The one move that may save his job, my sanity and this series is the Ford Pine Hybrid. You'll never be happier than when it's parked in your garage.


At 5:46 AM, Blogger Time Intact said...

Couldn't have AGREED MORE on your thoughts about the Calderon/Ford debacle. I've been screaming since last year about trading Ford and keeping Jose. People try to pretend there's not an issue there when CLEARLY there is. Thank you. Calderon played the whole 4th quarter while Ford was on the bench. That should give Ford a big, loud message.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger WG said...

Ford could equally check out his +/- numbers. The sad thing is, he's got a lot of skills. But my worry has always been his brain power, i.e. knowing when to use which skills, when to turn it up, slow it down, take over, give up a shot, get the hot guys going, not go 1 on 4, etc. He showed signs of improving early in the year on ALL fronts, but that whole second string thing really screwed him up. Like flying through somebody's jetwash...he just can't engage properly again.

At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Mupo said...

What kind of a Raps blog is this, not even a comment on the O'Neil trade?


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