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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rasho hoodies it up in Yorkville

Bumped into Rasho, Primoz, Nutbar and some random at ONE, an overpriced-dejour-cougar outlet in Yorkville. Nice place, but really you are best to go there with a group unless you are

a) Rich and looking for some seriously made up ladies
b) A made up lady looking for a rich dude

Rasho and the boys stood out like sore thumbs. Made me realize that you just don't want to be 7 feet tall.

Playoff Raptors Predictions
It's no secret that we REALLY need to finish 6th to have any chance of a first round playoff victory. And i'm not even talking about a series.

The Good News: We own the series with Philly 3-1, so all we need to do is tie them. Our final two games are against Miami and Chicago so a 2-0 streak heading into the playoffs is not out of reach. Plus Philly has to play Cleveland so 1-1 could do it.

The Bad News: We totally stink. While we are 'hoping' to play the Magic it's not as if we've dominated them. The Magic haven't played great as of late (wait..that sounds like good news)...but then again we have completely fallen apart.

Actual Prediction:
-Raptors finish up 1-1, and end up 6th
-Bosh goes nuts in the playoffs and takes the Magic to the final game
-Raps can't get it done in final game and it's a first round and out

I'm off to the Heat game on Monday....although i'm not sure why. I think it'll be fun to watch true tanking before the NBA changes the rules for blowing a season by hiring an ABA team to take over. Kind of like seeing Havana before the end of Castro.


At 6:18 PM, Blogger coach said...

its raps vs the magic ....2 stinking team in the homestretch !


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