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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ramble On

Two things tonight. 1, it's hard to get into posting about projected starting lineups, fantasy values and the likes with this Copperfield of a squad we've got here. Will Bargnani be better than Jorge the Garbage Man for your fantasy squad....i don't think so. But let's at least see how these guys at least scrimmage against each other. Alright...coming soon the insights straight from camp on who's who to fill some gaps in your fantasy squad. Late rounders you can pick with your head and heart. Nothing better. Although you are talking to a guy who's fantasy squad was name The Big Red Bonner. But hey, when you have to play two centres and you can start Bonner at the C, who jacks triples like he's banking it off the glass in Double Dribble....well there's some strategy there too.

Random moment of the night, and it wasn't the 40 wings for two...or the comment 'do those come with fries?'. Nope today's random winner is the help save my draft call I get at work. Working on a computer all day, I am tagged a computer guy by those less fortunate friends who drank there way through the learning curve. "My NHL live draft is starting and i can't get in. The pop up blocker won't let me in".


Don't you love getting into your fantasy draft and watching the stragglers barely get in and more so the guys who drift in late, who fall in and out etc. Connection down, didn't check for compatability in advance, etc etc. All classic and equally enjoyable to give your friends a good ride, but none nearly as golden as 'the pop up blocker got me'.


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