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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Garbage Man Commeth

Lost but not buried in the splendour of the Raptors first preseason game was this little ditty, 3-7. Jorge Garbajosa from behind the arc was 3-7. This is significant for a few reasons. The first and most obvious is that the Rapshow attempted the 4th most three's in the league last year and had a potent offence. That offence was potent in the pass, pass, jack it up category. It made for fun watching hoops, sauf the fact we routinely gave up 105 points per game.

With the departure of Mike James and the Red Rocket the question remained 'who's gonna jack the triplets?'.

Sure Colangelo built a 'running' team, which means less 3's but I earlier predicted that Mo Pete might be attempting 12 a game. Well Mo attempted a few, but the Garbage Man jacked up 7 of his 12 shots from behind his new arc. Worries that he can't hit the longer range 3's were certainly not dismissed with one outing but it's sure better than 0-7. And with the Nani going 2-2 it may not have to be a pure Mo-Show after all.

One game didn't teach us much, except my excitement for the Garbage Man is officially building. He's a working man. A guy who's not oversized, who's not overskilled, but might have just enough heart and certainly enough hair to make us believers.

Next up....let's give this guy a nickname.


At 3:39 PM, Blogger MUPO said...

I think you just did, Garbage man is it!


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