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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

March 23rd. Book it.

First thing you do when Iverson gets traded....get on line to your local ticket broker and hook yourself up with some Nuggets vs. Home team tickets. When your Home Team is the nuggets you get season tickets. In the case of Raptors fans we are looking at March 23rd, a nice little Friday nighter down at the ACC.

How can anyone not want to see Iverson play, let alone play alongside a team of actual players. Let alone play alongside the NBA's newest pure scorer. That's right...two scoring machines side by side. As a fan of the NBA watching the Iverson and Garnett's of the league struggle alongside a bunch of duds is just not fun. Of course it's always fun to watch Iverson it's just you'd think these superstars would one day run with some dudes. Well that time is now. And as a bonus...Iverson has left the East. Go dominate out West my man.

Why Philly made this trade? Simple. Greg Oden + 2 First Round Picks.
In what is predicted to be the deepest draft in years, Philly will get 3 picks. Likely they will finish 10 games worse than anybody in the NBA and should have a great shot at the #1 pick. Greg Oden. Then comes the two first rounders from Denver. That's a whole lotta rebuilding all at once.

Throw in massive cap space clearing up with Joe Smith and you could actually bring in some top talent in the off season if any of the big Free Agents decide to switch teams. For all the talk that Billy King waited too long and that he's a total idiot....this actually seems to be a genius piece of work. And hey, I haven't followed Billy King, so maybe that's like calling Rob Babcock a genius. Maybe genius...maybe pure luck. But at this point, why not play the Greg Oden sweepstakes? Why not have Iverson out for a couple of weeks waiting for this trade as your team piles up loses absolutely ensuring a total disaster season? The Sports Guy will tell you about the Ewing theory...but it will not apply here.

Billy King.....executive of the year? luckiest man of the year? Of course, if the ping pong balls don't fall his way....

GAME NOTES....yes, i realize the Raps played last night. But with Phoenix riding a 14 game win streak and the Raps in we really need to report on the game? It was over by the fourth and we got crushed. As we should have. Amare dominated us, as he should have. Garbajio got hurt, which sucks, and TJ also left the game. These injuries are starting to pile up and as Steve said to me at the Golden State game on Sunday "have you seen the size of Derrick Martin?". He's got a point.

p.s. no i don't think Melo and Iverson are going to co-exist well....yes, i do think George Karl is going to have a nightmare on his hands.....yes i do think Marcus Camby will get even more blocks with Iverson's ole defense....yes i do think you're in trouble if you have either Melo or Iverson on your fantasy squad....and of course i'd love to see Karl try to have the #1 and #2 scorers in the league all season, but that will take about 120 a night. Should be fun.


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