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Friday, March 09, 2007

How Good Is This?

Salary Cap: 53 million

How good is our future looking? When Colangelo went out and signed the unknows I thought (maybe even wrote) if one of these guys works out to be very good, if Nani is better than expected and if TJ can improve his jump shot and get smart we might actually have a solid base. And of course Bosh getting better and better is just a fact.

Well all of that has been exceeded (minus tj IQ, but life isn't perfect). Nani is poised for very goodness if not greatness. Parker is solid. Not your uhu kind of glue but the industrial stuff. His 'average' defence and 'okay' three point shooting we saw early are now key strenghts for our team. Rasho, a potential huge dud with that contract, is doing exactly what we need -- playing competent minutes at center. Is $8 million a lot for that? Sure, but Rasho fits perfectly in our system and the pile of overpaid dud centers out there is large. Calzone, i don't even need to remind you how much I love this kid, and at $2 million...mamma. Garbo might get critiqued for his stats, but only if you don't watch Raptors games. Another huge glue guy, 6-10 and he runs the floor, defends anybody and takes charges like Nani takes three's...and speaking of Nani...

Nani's stats since the All-Star break:

30 Min | 47% FG | 46% 3pt (2.5 made per) | 76% FT (down from 83) | 6 Reb | 15 pts

What can you say about this kid? You can say "thank God we didn't draft Morrison". This would have been the biggest miss in Raptors draft history (okay...Amare is pretty good). Regardless if he even maintains his post all-star pace we're golden. If he improves, look out. He's the Kelly Taylor of the Raptors. Hot from day one but poised to really just break out into a beauty in two or three years from now. Can't wait for those College years!

2006 Nani

Future Nani

With $48.5 million on the books for next year and the cap poised to move into the $55 million dollar range we'll be looking at a $6.5 million dollar man. Will we use that on Mo Pete? Knowing Colangelo we'll do whatever is going to make us win.

Once the dust settles we'll be sure to discuss what opportunities are out there......


At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO .... The Kelly Taylor of the Raptors. I used to have the biggest crush on her back in the day. Does comparing her to Nani now make me gay? ;)

At 3:02 PM, Blogger WG said...

I'm going with a no on that one... unless of course you are seeing something i'm not.

I think the upside of Nani could even out pace the mid college years sultry Kelly.


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