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Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Life and Time of TJ Ford

Somedays are diamonds, Somedays are stones. And rains.
But on this glorious daylight savings day we got a glimpse of future All-Star TJ Ford, with very few glimpses of TJ 'I can't believe that was the decision you made' Ford.

With 18 seconds to play in regulation, raps needing to score TJ went to his favourite play, 1 on Seatle, which turned into drive, lean into the defender, huck it sideways. Sound familiar? Bosh grabs the rebound and gets blocked, A Parker grabs that board, gets it to TJ under the hoop who wisely finds the wide open Nani for a 4 point play! Giddyup. Game ends up going to overtime after Ray Allen rebounds his own miss for an easy elbow jumper.

In overtime TJ takes over with his drives, open looks off the high post and smart passes. For good measure he even grabbed the critical rebound in OT to seal it.

The bottom line is we dominated so many aspects on the stat sheet but just got slaughtered on the boards and those second chances almost killed us. 31-6 or something crazy on second chance points. Luckily we gutted this one out, taking over down the stretch and maintaining our 5 game division lead on....the Knicks??

Amazing. Can we look back 2-3 weeks to Vince Carter talking about how New Jersey would make the playoffs they just took the hard road again to get there. How they would 'get it done'. Ha ha. The Knicks are now chasing us.

Life is good.

Games notes....Nani was sweet as usual....AParkers first game back also a success...the ACC was packed, lunch box day was clearly a hit. Although if you see the lunch boxes they actually made Bosh look like a hunch backed Raptor by photoshoping and moving his head away from his body, pretty eerie really. If someone has a photo please send it in! Oh yeah...and Mo Pete played 5 minutes as Juan Dixon stepped into the prime time minutes and shots....could this be the end of Mo Pete in Toronto, it sure looks that way.......


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