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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hola Winning. Better than Losing.

The Raps started the game down 10-0 (2.2 minutes in) and ended giving up 16 straight, but thoroughly dominated the game.

The losing streak is over, put that in your sandwich Chuck, I’m calling it at 3:43 of the third. To be fair to the Grizzlies, they really do stink. Mighty Mouse told Leo they are actually not too bad, which is incorrect.

Wide Open...
is good and Miller loves wide open three’s. Loves them. Oddly enough the slough and duff Raptors were dropping off him to ensure he’d get a few of those. As someone who plays hoops (but really this observation is so obvious experience is not required) I must say when you are covering the three point gunner (in our league that’s the infamous Bruce Arthur) you can’t give them any room. Bruce isn’t exactly Zippy Andale out there, he kind of just finds his spots and jogs to them. And while my defence isn’t Bowen-esque if I give him even a couple of feet, BLAM, in my eye. Shooters don’t need time to shoot. You can’t leave snipers open. It’s pretty simple really. Sloughing down into the lane only works if your man can’t shoot and I’m still not sure how the Raps routinely don’t adjust to the other teams sniper. I just know it’s going to kill us come playoff time.

Break time...
Raps are off until Sunday so a win heading into the break is just what the Dr. ordered. And with the Knicks and Nets active we are likely to actually increase our division lead. That’s Raptors Basketball baby!

Game Notes…Colangelo is GM of the year. Forget overhauling our entire team, bringing in a bunch of unknowns and hitting triples on all of them, with a homer on the draft pick. Getting rid of Araujo for a hustling, offensive rebounding Humpty was unbelievable. And now, at the deadline making the only move by dumping the Former Slam Dunk Champion, who was just a tit, to pick up Juan Dixon….spectacular. Juan tonight was everywhere and loves to score. WE love scoring so it’s a perfect fit.

Oh yeah, and Nani had another of his amazing touch passes from the three point line. I think Nani could average 5 assists a game at some point in his career…if he didn’t like to shoot so much.


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Raps Rules said...

Miller was open because we were sagging down to cover Gasol. We held him completely in check so who cares if Miller hits a few wide open threes you have to pick you poison.

At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Chuck Rules said...

Stop all the Salami and Cheese hate


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