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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

18 hours to trade TJ

Bosh was still hungover and couldn't hit a 10 foot jumper. Garbo ditto.

TJ Ford...well me just say there is still 18 hours left until the trade deadline. He shot 3-10 and had 4 TOs but that does not tell the tale of 'bad decisions'. Sometimes i feel like TJ has the basketball IQ of a concombre or 'cucumber' for you English readers. Midway through the first quarter i had counted 4 bad decisions. To which the warbird responded 'just 4?'.

None more so than what was set to be our last possession of the game. T.J. dribbled around for most of the clock (shocking) with no intention of passing (shockinger), then drove to the hoop, 1 on 2 styles, leaned his back into the defenders and threw one over his head that missed by 5 feet. The shot clock wasn't out. There were 4 other Raps on the court. That was the kind of garbage we saw all night.

I mean, that is the kind of decision I don't even make in my hack it up Thursday night hoop league. I know the shot well. I take it once in a while. Everytime i miss i think 'ah sorry guys, were just having fun, right?!"

Well TJ just doesn't get it.

Of course Mo Pete had a wide open look to end the game so it could have all been erased. 2 seconds left, gets left wide open from his baseline office on the final play and...clank.

The entire night was a clank-hangover-rustfest. Ditto for yours truly who was sitting in the second last row of the Sprite Zone. My 'sneak down' seats got snatched by two quicker sneak downers seconds before me and for the first time ever i didn't have back up seats. Talk about rusty. That forced me back up to row 17 and with 6 minutes to go the hammered last row dudes who could barely make it up to row 18 (literally) spilled their brew on me.

It was just that kind of night.


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