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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who hates Vince Carter?

Just kidding, I meant who doesn't hate Vince Carter. And no, that's not a question.

Did you happen to catch Vince take a pinky in the cheek late in the 4th with the game put away? Priceless. Or maybe when they panned to Jason Kidd on the bench giving other players props staring blankly out not even acknowledging Vince? How about Frank, deciding "I guess i've got to go out there".

Man that was awesome. We lost, but it was a pleasure to watch that one shining moment.

On a serious note, the Nets came out with a 15-0 spanking of us, and even though we rebounded it set the tone that they were ready for this, hungry to take back first place and thought little of us. All the 'we've got confidence' talk turned out to be just talk and no action. Too bad.

Random Note: Do yourself a favour and rent bon cop bad cop. I just purchased the first television set of my life so I'll be ratcheting up my movie reviews. At university i rolled with my gramma's old roller faux wood t.v. remember those beauty's? The remote control only had 4 buttons. Think about that for a second. Volume up turned the t.v. on, volume down all the way turned it off. Channel up. Channel down. And if you held it you could get through 150 channels in 5 seconds. Of course there weren't 150 back then so the speed was just to impress the ladies. I've since had an assortment of hand me down tv's and left behinds from roomates. Today 40 pure inches of lcd goodness was purchased. Beautiful. Next (just don't tell the warbird).


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