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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sweet Jesus

The night I choose to pull out the computer, a couple minutes to go, up 12, not feeling uber-confident but keep going down low and eat up some clock and you are sitting on a win. You really have to try to blow that.

Mitchell brings TJ in to 'close it out'. A couple of lazy passes later, and a whole lot of crap threes and inability to play the thing you know Duhon is inbounding with three seconds to go Bulls down 1, Nani on him, inexplicably not crowding the passer, presumably why he's in there....Ben Gordon misses. Sorry, i'm writing this live.

That was the most painful win i've seen in ages. Just purely painful. Derrick Martin trying to tell TJ why he almost blew it on the way to the locker room.

'we did an incredible job to stay there with our mind, very hard to do, and we did it' - Nani (commenting on the end of the game disaster)

'i was always open so i shoot it' - Nani on his solid night, presumably impersonating Ivan Drago

TJ Ford played up in front defense down the stretch but up 2, fouling Ben Gordon after he's beat you only 3 feet away from the hoop with a chest bump from the side? Wake the f up. Although the Raptors won, i think we've watched this as an example of what not to do.

Ah well, tomorrow it will just seem like a tasty sweet win versus a solid team, who was 15-1 versus the East at home this year. It might also seem like we are 4 games over 500 and three games ahead of Jersey again. And it really might seem like we didn't blow a 12 point lead in 2.5 minutes. Sure....we blew the lead, but we got it back when it counts.

Get us to that All-Star break!


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