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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vegas Baby Vegas

Couldn't post while in Vegas, too busy gambling, partying, walking around. But the Raps are sitting at .500 having spanked the Wiz once more.

Managed to hit up the Washington game tonight. Box seats with the parents courtesy of my sister's vendors. Beautiful. Although when you buy $12.50 sprite zoners and sneak down you get the best seats and you really feel the value.

An amazing game, Jose Calzone had my parents in love and my sister saying "TJ who?!".
No need to talk crazy talk but he was super Calzone tonight. Bosh was a monster, ending the night with a baseline spinorama jamma down the throats of the wizards. A lot of emphasis on that one.

We relied heavy on the three to keep pulling away but the Raps could do no wrong tonight (okay, way too many fouls) but at least we were aggressive, double teaming Gilbert and holding him to a quiet sub 30 performance.

And how about Bosh scoring 5 points in the last 2.6 seconds of the 3rd? That had to hurt the Wiz, Bosh spin hook with 2.6, then intercepts the bomb pass and goes 3/4 shot swoosh. Refs rules no shot but Big Sam knew it was in and the crowd went wild.

Let's just say when you score the free pizza with 11:30 to go in the 4th it's a good night.

Good night. Be back fresh soon.


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