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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Run Raptors Run. Just stay away from Webber.

I love how everyone is talking about our 'separation run' right now. Sure, we could roll 4 out of the next 5, but even if we do is that creating separation? Hey, i'm a dreamer. I like, scratch winning streaks when they involve the raptors. I stare at our percentage and am confident that our .462 vs. .459 winning percentage makes us dominant over Jersey. But let's get a grip Raptors writers. If we go on a 'run' and get some 'separation' of 2 games that's kind of like your girlfriend being 'out for a couple of hours'. You aren't exactly running a strip poker night or a KY wrestling match.

You're my boy blue....You're my boy.

It sure is fun to watch us almost beat two dream teams (Suns / Dallas) and then come out and beat the living crap out of a team like the Sixers. The Old Raps like to keep everyone in a game, you know to keep it fun for the fans. These Raps though have a little edge. A little f-you, you can't play with us. That's just plain lovable. As an added bonus you get to see the Hump come in for some garbage time minutes. Or you can just shut the t.v. down early to avoid hearing about the S&C for the 200th time (I can't stress how much this bothers me. Stop with the S&C. If it's Chuck's 'thing' then let him say it once per game. That i can live with. But hearing Leo and Jack ad nausea is pukatating).

But back off topic. Chris Webber. How can their be a scramble to land this joker? Sure he doesn't cost anything so in that respect it's low risk. But to win a championship? Is Webber going to just start playing defense again? Is he somehow going to start running again? Reading some of the 'top writers' in sports you'd think this was 2000. I feel it's more likely people will start bringing up 'the timeout' again and Webber will go all nutso dark on us (actually that could be a side bonus).

When Mourning screwed Toronto over he still had gas left in his tank. And still does. But Webber's knee is about as reliable as my pop-up blocker. Sacramento couldn't believe they unloaded him and now Philly full fledged dumped him and is paying him $40 million dollars. Is this not a warning sign to anyone?

I was reading John Hollinger and he was going on about his stupid PER trying to make us think that guys 40 minute averages somehow translate into anything and in his ramble (too focussed on that ridiculous PER) he actually pointed out something I hadn't considered, which is not that it's a low cost gamble, but it's just that for a team that relies on jump shooting and limited D. And that's why Dallas or any other real contender is lucky he was passed by. Detroit's not a real contender, since their plan is ole defense and jump shots and Flip is their coach. All of a sudden Webber seems like the perfect fit.

Some days it's just nice to wake up a Raptors fan.


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