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Thursday, May 03, 2007

D-Mart is one Nice Guy

Everyone likes talking about the possibility of 36 year old half coach / half player Darrick Martin suiting up and leading the Raps into battle. While 'fun' to joke about and day dream about in a 'how crazy would that be' scenario Jose will wrap as much tape as humanly possible around that ankle and lead us into battle.

So when Sam Mitchell was asked repeatedly about this he finally dropped one of his sarcastic thanks for the stupid question bombs on Toronto's finest beat crew.

"We dress him up, give him a spot on the team and pay him the money we pay him because he's a nice guy. See that's all ya'lls problem is you ain't that nice. If you were....YOU could have his spot". - Sam Mitchell

Bottom line is D-Mart can adequately distribute the ball and won't make many stupid plays. Reality is he's a bit of a hucker and can't take over the way Jose and T.J. will have to if we have any chance of getting out of the dirty swamp alive.

p.s. Bosh I know you read this. Stop it. Keep looking for your game. If you can remember where you left your nutsack it's probably in the same spot. Now go dominate for God's sake enough screwing around.


At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Raps Fan said...

i am not comfortable with darrick martin playing more than 7mins a game. he wont make bad mistakes on the court, but he will also be a liability on the defensive end. god i hope calderon or tj can play.

At 2:59 PM, Blogger WG said...

did you read the Bruce Arthur article on least he believes! I'm actually a D-Mart fan but as a reserve guy who can settle things down. Then again, he came into last game and just hucked one up with 13 seconds to go on the shot clock so maybe my judgement is off. At least he's not's only us who's afraid.


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