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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Will the Real Raptors Please Stand Up

Let's take it as a given (and it may not be) that "Boo" Vince will show up tonight and put up a mediocre performance at best. That opens the door for the Raptors to show at least some resemblance of the team we have grown to love over the past 6 months.

If we lose tonight, Mitchell's job is on the line, Bosh's leadership is questioned and of course the inevitable 'is this the right make up for a playoff team' talk will begin. Nobody has mentioned that the Raptors won 47 games this year by giving it their all. We were in 5th gear all year, so when New Jersey shifted out of 4th gear and into 5th, we simply had nowhere left to go. Is that true, it's hard to say, i hope we have that other gear. We just don't know how to drive in that gear, let alone play defense.

Then again, if the Raps win tonight and lose Game 6 it's more likely to be chalked up to playoff inexperience and a 'building block' for next year.

The point here is that winning tonight is huge. Winning tonight is about our future, even if we can only win this one more game. This will be a building block for next year and it will calm the questions about leadership, coaching etc.

Coaching: I can't coach to save my life so who am I to make observations? Well screw that theory, just because you aren't a coach doesn't mean you can't ask questions. I mean none of us are GM's and many of us can certainly out think half the GM's in the league who are too close to the action. So here's the million dollar question. If you can't stop Vince and the entire Nets team is hitting open 3's...what do you do?

Answer: Turn Jason Kidd into a scorer. Leave him in one on one coverage. Don't slough down and give up wide open shots. Just don't do it. If J-Kidd is held to 6 assists and 32 points, can New Jersey win? I doubt it. Maybe we throw Mo Pete on J-Kidd and TJ Ford on Antoine Wright. Let him beat us.

and that's why i'm not a coach. But the bottom line is do something, anything. please.


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Raps Fan said...

mitchell is already on his way out, regardless of the outcome of this my opinion anyways.

i agree with your solution. and it has been something i have been saying all series. deny vc and jefferson the ball, and make kidd put up the points. dont double kidd, and the rest should work itself out. easier said than doen tho.


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