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Friday, May 04, 2007

You Gotta Believe It's Raptors in 7

Why do you gotta?

How about for a little karma? How about the power of positive vibes?

I mean, what kind of a person doesn't want to believe? The Mavs just got absolutely slaughtered by the Warriors. And who ever thought Hurley on Lost could pull the cute blond? Did you ever imagine what's her name could win the Apprentice? And who would have thought Martin Brodeur in a Vezina campaign year even knew what a Sieve was let alone could magically transform into one like some kind of Barba Poppa? (note: i just learned how to spell Sieve and had a nice reminiscent "Clickity Click....Barba Trick moment...see this blog is useful).

Carry some hope tonight Raps fans. Here's 5 more reasons that should give you hope:

1. What is up, must come down. What is up with Chris Bosh? He is MIA, a bit down that people are trashing his game and generally not able to focus his energy to properly dominate. How long till he figures out how to do it? It could be 3, 4, 7 more playoff could be tonight. One thing is for sure. At some point, he will figure it out.

2. Jose is playing World Championship styles and he's learning how to slow down J-Kidd. Plus...he's doing this one for Garbo!

3. My horoscope on iGoogle said "Give yourself permission to sink into your irrational dreams and you just might return with valuable wisdom that you can put to use". I'm not 100% sure the relevance here...but it just feels good.

4. After 7 years and some absolutely amazing decisions George W is still the president of the US. If that can happen, anything can happen, right?

5. Vince "Boo Wince Crumple Cry Momma's Boy" Carter is on the OTHER team.
He doesn't have the heart of a champion and he'll never win the big one. He could easily blow this series with two straight stinkers and lots of "you take the winning shot Nutbar passes".



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